Pet Loss

Pet loss information and support


Losing a Pet can be the most devastating time to many.

Remember to please be gentle with yourself. losing a pet can take just as long in the grieving process as losing a person.

Making the decision to euthanize can be one of the hardest decisions.  If you know that the time will be coming or better yet your pet is still healthy, you will find it easier if you make as many decisions now as you can.

  • Do you want a private cremation where you get your pets’ ashes back or do you not.
  • If you want to bury your pet, make sure you know the local ordinances, many do not allow you to bury any pets on your property.

We’ve listed some helpful resources below.

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ASPCA Pet Loss Hotline

Pet parents can receive help from the ASPCA Pet Loss Support program with the following issues:

  • Assistance with the decision to euthanize.
  • Comfort and support at the time of euthanasia.
  • Help with grieving the loss.
  • Advice on dealing with children, the elderly or disabled individuals who are facing a death of a companion animal.
  • Helping the surviving animals in the household to cope.
  • Assistance in establishing a relationship with a new pet.

For support dealing with the loss of a pet, including information on meeting the emotional needs of children at the time of a pet’s death, please call our Pet Loss Hotline at (877) GRIEF-10.

Tufts University Pet Loss Hot Line – 508-839-7966

Children and Pet Loss

Sometimes losing a pet is the first experience a child has with death.  Preparation can help them through this hard time.

Here are some resources:

Euthanasia at Home

There are now many veterinarians that offer euthanasia at home.  Please ask you veterinarian if they offer this.  It is nicer for the pet and family.  Euthanasia at your home will cost more.

Prices can range from 150 up for this service.

Pet Cremation

  • Animal Heaven, Pet Cemetery and Crematory, Hollis, NH  603-465-2577
  • Dori has used this company many times for Private cremation.  The owner, Marie, is the kindest person.
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