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Job Openings for Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers

We are GROWING and adding many pet sitters from Nashua to Concord.


Watch our Hiring Video – 

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 Here is a bit of what we do for Dog Walking –

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To apply, follow directions At the end.

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Do you fit the following requirements –

  • Absolutely Love animals
  • Always put animals needs first
  • 21 years old and older
  • have a smartphone with gps and can access the internet on the road
  • You are a flexible, go-with-the-flow kind of person
  • Like having a somewhat flexible schedule
  • Do not mind driving in all kinds of weather
  • Love getting outside, playing and walking dogs
  • Have your own vehicle with insurance
  • Like being a team player
  • Enjoy making money loving and caring for animals
  • Have a deep understanding that caring for any animal is a huge commitment
  • LOVE Winter, walking dogs in the snow, if you love winter, then the rest of the year is absolutely a blast walking and playing with pets entrusted in our care

We are looking for –

  • People who have full time jobs
  • Anyone who is home during the day for Dog Walking Mid Day
  • Retirees
  • MUST LOVE animals & do whatever it takes to make sure they are cared for

You must be able to do the following –

  • Am and pm visits if you work full time
  • Am, mid, pm visits if available all times
  • Dog Walking Mid Day (available 10-3 daily if needed) visits and am & pm when needed

If you are able to do overnights in a clients home, that is a plus

What will you be doing –

  • Loving animals
  • Feeding, giving fresh water
  • Giving medication when needed
  • Walking dogs
  • Scooping litter boxes and picking up dog waste
  • Cleaning any accidents
  • Playing with dogs and cats
  • Possibly taking care of other pets like rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, fish, etc.
  • Must be able to climb stairs and take dogs on longs walks when needed
  • Other tasks may be required

All positions are –

  • Part Time As needed positions
    • This means that you are required to pet sit as we need you
    • Pet care visits are 30 or 60 minutes, some may be longer.  You are paid hourly, so one hour visit or two half hour visits
    • You could have a schedule that has nothing on it for weeks
    • Or you could have one 30 minute visit on your schedule every day for 30 days
    • Or you could have 3-4 am visits, 3-4 mid day visits and 3-4 pm visits for the next 14 days
  • But I am looking for Full time work
    • If you do not mind doing pet care visits before and after your full time job, then apply
    • If you do NOT plan on staying with us if you get a Full time job, do NOT apply
    • We have quite a few people who work full time and work for us too.
    • a few pet sitters who work for us and work full time, work 3rd shift, leaving them open for all times for pet sitting – am, mid, pm.  However, this is not for everyone.  You will have to be able to move around your sleep time.
    • You must think about times you may sleep late, if you have pet sitting visits and another job.  The animals MUST come first and your other job second.
  • Will I know my schedule ahead of time?
    • Probably, but things can change
    • Some clients do book months in advance
    • Most people book Thursday or Friday for the weekend
    • Or we could get a call this morning that there was a death in the family and you need to start tonight, but it would only be 30-60 minutes, so changing your whole life is not necessary
  • Must commit to 6 months or longer
    • this is your probationary period, since it is a sporadic schedule
    • Why? Because these are part time as needed, we have found that it takes this long to really be able to balance pet sitting, home life and other jobs
    • People who do have fun and stay for 6 months are with us for years 
    • It is not fair to your co-workers, our clients and pets if you are not committed
    • This is not a “I will try it” job.  Please do not waste our time as well as yours if you are not going to take this seriously.

How long are the sitters already employed been with you –

  • Most of our 30+ sitters on staff have been with us for 3-14 years!!

What would areas would I cover –

  • You would be responsible for whatever came into the town you live in and surrounding towns.  
  • Every one is on a Team.  Your Team is responsible for covering all areas in your Team.

You will be required –

  • To fill out an extensive application questionnaire
  • Sign a non-disclosure no compete contract
  • Fill out a w4 to become an employee
  • Complete a police background check on yourself
  • Follow our policy and procedures
  • Work as a team player, helping your co-workers whenever needed
  • And above all make sure that all pets in your care are cared for no matter what

SOUNDS GOOD, What do you do now –                  

APPLY for a Position

  • Go to INDEED.com
    • Find our job posting, may have for a few cities
      • Fill out and answer EVERY question on Application
      • Answer the short survey questionnaire
      • Fill out the Background Authorization Form
      • Listen to the Employment Information Recording
      • Call our office (888-8088) and leave a message with your full name, phone number where you can be reached between 9-12pm, Mon – Thurs, where you live and that you heard the employment information recording.
    • If you are amazing and followed all steps, you will be invited to orientation!
    • Good Luck !!







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