Pet Sitting Services Overview

We have a variety of in-home pet sitting services to help you care for your pets.

dog and cat snuggling

Our pet sitting services are provided by our Professional Pet Sitters Etc. staff, and will be done in your home. Prior to any pet care services, one of our pet sitters will meet with you and your pets, in your home, to discuss the services you need.

If you would rather bring your pets to our boarding facility, please see our services offered by the Animal Care Center of NH.


This service is for pet parents who want to start their dogs out right with routine exercise, bathroom breaks, fun and love every day while you are at work.



If you work or are away from home 6 hours or more per day, call us for Mid-Day Let Out for you puppy. We can make sure they have potty breaks, exercise and lots of love every day.



We can provide visits for kittens or adult cats for fun and exercise to burn off energy while you are away long periods of time at work every day.



Our experienced pet sitters will come to your home to care for your pets while you’re traveling for business or pleasure.  We will make sure they have fresh food, water, potty breaks, a scoop litterboxes, treats and get lots of love.



We can schedule a sitter to stay in your home with your pet from approximately 9pm-ish to 6 am-ish. Very limited service.



We can clean your yard of pet waste, while we are pet sitting, on a weekly basis or once in a while.


Other Pet & Home Services

We also offer other pet and home services. Click here for a complete list. 

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