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How do you play with your dog?

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Interaction with our dogs comes through a variety of ways.  With the daily routines that we all have, taking Fido for a quick walk can seem like something we are going on Auto Pilot.   However, the time we spend with our dogs, no matter what the duration can be memorable and it’s very important too.

Start with play time.  

While you are sitting on the couch, simply ask your dog for one of their toys.  Honestly, despite what some folks believe, they know when you ask them “Where is the red ball?”  After you have asked the question, they normally take off in a mad dash to find the treasure to bring the toy back to their loving parent.  A simple tug of war, toss of the ball from your seat on that couch is interaction between you and your dog.  And they love it!  You may have had a rough day, it could be raining out or you just don’t live close to a park.  However as you can see, you can still play with your pup.  And if your dog is small, a few tosses of that ball may be enough to keep them happy until you can make some time to get out and play.

Go for a walk.  

I understand completely how time gets sparse.  You work all day, come home and are just spent.  Your faithful pal is waiting on you to grab the leash and go.  That is the last thing on your exhausted mind.  However, it is important not only for your dog, but also for yourself.  Getting out and clearing your head, doing nothing but strolling down the street with your dog.  It may seem like a minor insignificant task, however think again.  You’re getting exercise.  Your poor dog that has been trapped inside all day, waiting for you to come home, is getting to go out and get some exercise, air and quality time with you.  Far too often we get lost between work and family that we forget the importance of exercising our dogs AND ourselves.

Benefits of exercising your dog daily:

  •  Keeps your dog limber and eases stiffness of joints
  • Aids in digestion
  • Builds confidence
  • Strengthens the bond between dog and pet parent
  • Reduces destructive behaviors such as barking and chewing
  • Keeps your dog fit and at a healthy weight
  • Your dog will sleep better and be lest restless

Are you having trouble finding time to exercise your dog?

We can help with that.

Call us at Professional Pet Sitting to discuss your options.




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