14 – Rules for all Groups and Teams On Facebook

Rules for all Groups and Teams On Facebook

Updated May 2015

The main group is to be for all pet sitter communications from the office to you, the pet sitters employed by Professional Pet Sitting Etc.

The Team Groups are for all communication among your Team.

Social Media, Email, Groups are NOT for:

  • anyone who is not an employee of Professional Pet Sitting Etc.
  • Any negativity from sitters, for any reason
  • Any complaints from sitters, for any reason
  • Sitters can not leave sickness notices here, you must call your back up
  • Sitters can not resign here, follow the policy for this
  • Do not leave a message here for pickups, you must call the employee line
  • NEVER friend a client or accept a client as a friend
  • Never contact a client via Facebook, email, phone, mail, or any other means, etc
  • remember NEVER get personal with a client It will cause problems & has every time

What you CAN do on the SECRET Group for Pet Sitters of PPSE:

  • Post photos and videos of the pets you care for
  • Post interesting articles or information helpful for everyone
  • be supportive and helpful to everyone
  • be respectful of everyone
  • always put the animals first, they deserve it
  • ask animal related questions
  • get to know your fellow co-workers here
  • ask advice
  • tell stories about your pet sitting experiences
  • learn from one another


When posting make sure you know what group you are on.

You will also be added to the PUBLIC group – NH Pet Lovers

There anyone who is a member can post and comment.  We will be posting many educational and fun stuff here.  Do NOT post any client pictures or talk about the  business here.

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