TEN New Openings

We have just 10 openings for our exclusive Enrichment Play Daycare Program

Enrichment Play is the BEST for your dog!!

Sign your pet up at the Animal Care Center of NH to have fun & learning all day in the Enrichment Play Daycare Program


Have a loving Pet Sitter come to your home for a Mid Day Break – we can give a bathroom break or play ball and have fun with Professional Pet Sitting Etc.

See our VIDEOS below



Why choose us?

We are a multiple award winning company!

Professional Pet Sitting Etc has been a successful business since 1990!! 33 years!!

We are a registered legal business, bonded, and insured. All employees are trained, background checked and gps. We literally have done thousands and thousands of dog walking and pet care visits to people’s homes.

The Animal Care Center of NH is a state of the art facility opened in 2020.

We have a through screening process of all animals to keep everyone safe.

We keep the number of dogs LOW for a more relaxed fun environment for all.

We have an amazing enrichment play daycare program that is unmatched.

Here is more about our program –

Enrichment Play Daycare


The Animal Care Center of NH has NEVER had –

  • The fatal Canine Virus that has been at other facilities

  • Bordatella (kennel cough)

Also, we keep small groups, more individualized attention, and more.

Get more for your dog and more for your money!

ACT FAST – must mention this when signing up

For Enrichment Play Daycare

  • Sign up for 3-4 days per week before DEADLINE and receive –

    • First Day FREE

  • Sign up for 5 days per week before DEADLINE and receive –

    • First Dat FREE

    • Significant Daily Discount

  • For Mid Day Let Out/Dog Walking

    • Sign up for 3-5 days per week before DEADLINE and receive –

      • First Day FREE

The above schedules are for ongoing schedules every week for 6 months or longer


At the Animal Care Center of NH we have –

Daily Activities

We have a different activity almost every day from themes like

  • Shark week,

  • Bowie Day,

  • Snoopy’s Birthday,

  • Harry Potter Day and much more.

Then we also have

  • scavenger hunts

  • foam parties,

  • puzzles, and  much more.

We intersperse some basic obedience in the middle of all that at well.

You will NOT find a better program for your dog then our Enrichment Play Daycare Program

Read what others are saying –


Holiday Celebrations

We celebrate all the holidays with our amazing pups. Here are just a few

Independence Day

Many of these photos are up on our HUGE Digital Sign that everyone driving by can see. Your dog will be famous!!


We go all out with spooky celebrations all week with so many Special Spooky Activities

Christmas is amazing

We do celebrate festivities all week and have special things that involve the owners as well!!

Look at the FUN and this is only a few of our activities!!!

Check out our Videos –

Enrichment Play Daycare

Virtual Tour


How to sign up

  • Go to our website – www.NHPetCare.com

  • Scroll down to the button that says

  • FIRST STEP and click on it

  • Fill in all of your information

  • Then choose login for

    • Professional Pet Sitting Etc

      • for at your home Dog Walking/Mid Day Let Out

    • Or

    • Animal Care Center of NH

      • for Enrichment Play Daycare Program

We can not wait to meet you and your pups!!

Dori & Rachelle

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