Bonny Gleason

Dear Dori , We are Home !!!  All was great here.  Thank you so much once again for allowing us to go away and not have to worry about our babies!!!!  Until next summer

Ross Burger

Thanks Dori, We arrived home, and everything with Kao is great! Our sitter was fantastic, and we really appreciate her great service and attention she gave Kao.  Cheers

Elle Turner & Seth Dewey

Hello, We have arrived home safely. Our kitties are great, and as usual, were well taken care of while we were away. Our thanks to our pet sitter (Rachelle). It seems she is Jake kitty’s best buddy. ♥

Robert Hughes

I wanted you to know how grateful we are for your service. Knowing that Sage is cared for while we are at work is such a blessing! Our minds are at ease knowing

Angel Irizarry

I don’t know where to start. I am absolutely and thoroughly pleased with this service. I personally never met my sitter but I can tell that this person took the time to become friends with my cat. She perfectly described the affectionate habits of my pet when she’s...
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