When I moved to NH 10 years ago, I knew I would be going back to visit family and friends, so one of the first things I asked my new colleagues about was a good pet sitting service.  The first three people I asked – all cat lovers like me – said they used & highly recommended Professional Pet Sitting Etc.  I have been using them ever since and my experience with them has always been very positive.

Their policy is to have the same person, whenever possible, care for your pets, so the pets can get used to that person.  One of my cats is extremely shy & anxious.  It is only in the last couple of years that she has felt comfortable enough to show herself to the pet sitter.  Knowing how easily frightened (& very neurotic!) she is, I am surprised she comes out at all.  I believe this is due to the consistent & familiar presence of Rachelle, who I think if as “our” pet sitter.  Both cats seem calm, relaxed and in good health when I return.   Rachelle always leaves me a note telling me how my cats were during my absence, which I very much appreciate.

Recently, I had a family emergency & had to leave the state abruptly, contacting Professional Pet Sitting Etc. on a day they are not usually in the office.  The proprietor, Dori, got back to me very quickly & assured me that they would always be responsive in an emergency.  When I returned to NH, I had to again leave very abruptly & had to request their services again.  I was very upset and disorganized during this time, yet Dori was very patient and understanding, which helped make a very difficult situation a bit less painful & difficult.

I highly recommend Professional Pet Sitting Etc.  They provide quality services that I expect to be using for many years to come.  My cats are part of my family, and I want only the best care for them.  Professional Pet Sitting Etc. has always provided that for us.

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