I used Prof. Pet Sitting for over 10 years. I liked that almost always the same pet sitter came, so my cats got to know them, and that if something happened and the assigned pet sitter couldn’t make it, PPS would send someone else. As my cats aged, it became important that they had a bond with the sitter; I travel quite a bit, sometimes for as much as 2 weeks at a time. I used to joke that the cats loved the sitter more than me! As my cats aged, the pet sitter was even more alert with them. When my little Shadow (age 16) had to be euthanized, the sitter was as upset as I was. On my last trip, a cruise, my Bashir (age 19) started failing, and the pet sitter noticed the change. PPS got in touch with me right away, as well as my adult daughter who lives nearby. The pet sitter started staying longer (at no extra charge) so Bashir wouldn’t be alone. By the time I got home I had to let go of Bashir too, and the pet sitter was just as upset as before. The people I’ve had come out from PPS have all been caring and my cats loved them. I think they’re great, and love the peace of mind I had when they were caring for my cats.

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