I absolutely love and trust Professional Pet Sitting Etc with taking care of my 2 cats. Dori and her staff are extremely professional and animal knowledgeable. I like the fact that they require I keep 2 house keys with them at all times — one for the pet sitter and one as a back up at their office should my primary pet sitter not be able to pet sit for any reason. How many individual pet sitters do you know that think that far ahead? I have even called while already in transit needing last minute pet sitting and they’ve been able to accommodate my needs because they do keep my payment method on file. I can’t think of any reason not to use their services. They are animal advocates and I know my animals’ well being will be of highest priority while I’m away.

Updated added in 2014:
Just an update from the review above !! I continue to utilize Professional Pet Sitting Etc’s services and couldn’t be more pleased. Recently I had to be away from town (my cats were actually with me). Who better to ask if they could add a service of visiting my house once in a while for pay just to keep an eye on it? They already have a key and I trust them completely so I asked. That’s one of the nicest features of the business, They are flexible and quick on their toes to respond to their customers’ needs. So, you need something special for your pets or your house? Give them a call. They’re there to help!

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