I had never used a pet sitting service before so naturally I was skeptical…My puppy dog is my son and he only deserves the best! Back in February I needed to go in for heart surgery which means I would not be able to walk my puppy dog during lunch for at least 2 months…My husband works and so does all of my family…I was beside myself because I had a 2 year old puppy dog that NEEDS lots of exercise (he is walked 3-4 times per day)…I decided to try Professional Pet sitting Etc BEFORE I went for surgery to ensure they would be a good fit…My husband and I were very impressed with their solid practice of ensuring pets are taken good care of..Our puppy dog loves all the pet walkers and they love him…I thought we would only use them for my recovery time but we have decided to keep them coming because they are so reliable, reasonably priced (I know this because I had to use another pet sitter up north for my brother when he had a stroke), and trustworthy…We are so pleased we have the extra support we need…THANK YOU Professional Pet sitting Etc for making our lives more peaceful and our puppy dog happy 🙂

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