I LOVE them (PPSE) and so do my boys (I have 2 Shepherds). I was nervous at first about leaving my boys at home when I went back to work full time. I called Professional Pet Sitting and they really put me at ease about leaving them during the day. I did have to go through a registration process which basically asked a lot of information about my boys, what they like to do and how they could make them happy and get the most out of the time the petsitter would be spending with them. I thought that was really great. So I am now doing mid days with them and my boys are so happy when I get home, you can tell they have had a lot of fun with the sitter and she always leaves me great notes about what they did and how the boys were for the day (Thank you so much) I really am glad that I found them and that I can trust somebody with my boys during the day to make sure they are happy.

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