I am so glad I chose Professional Pet Sitting to check on my Dog and Cat during a business day trip. I normally work from home but I had an at length business meeting in Boston that was crucial to attend. I had a ton of anxiety worrying who to find to check on my “kids”. I got Professional Pet sittings number from a friend. I called and i really grilled them with questions which reflected my anxiety of making sure I got top notch care. Dorinne the owner answered all my questions to my satisfaction and did so cheerfully. I have a friendly but hyper Pit Bull and an Orange Tabby who is an escape artist and I expressed my concerns if Dorinne can handle my kids. She assured me her and her staff were quite capable. I decided to entrust them and I found I made a very good decision doing so. I now feel at ease that if I have another extended day out of the house I know who to call. I cannot express how much that means to me, I worry tremendously about my pets and like all care they get, It has to meet MY high standard..Not what someone else deems as high. Professional Pet sitting met my high standard.

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