I was a previous employee of Professional petsitting and I can attest to the level of professionalism and care for the business by Dori (owner) .This is not a temporary business. It is well grounded and very well run to details and concern for the clients. I was well trained and I was thoroughly background checked and equally as important was hired because of my love for helping the clients pets. It was not enough to just be trained and sent off to the visits, Dori personally supervised several of my first visits to ensure I understood the particular and unique training to Professional Petsitting training she provides to all the sitters. The training she provides is well organized , detailed and unique for the sitters to properly serve the clients and be well prepared. As hard as they work, I found something common to all the sitters at Professional Petsitting….They had fun too because they enjoyed working for the clients and their furry best friends!

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