I’m creeping up on one year using Animal Care Center of NH and I am impressed. This isn’t just doggie daycare – their enrichment classes are designed to stimulate minds, build bodies and reinforce desirable behaviors.

I’ve used a few other daycares and my gripe was that they would send me home with a report card for undesirable behaviors that I can’t address at home because I can’t recreate the circumstances that elicited them. They worked with my dog to create and reinforce better habits.

I also love their boarding and pet-sitting services. My dog gets to board in a familiar place with familiar people and with minimal disruption to her routine. That’s a big deal.

I agree that the paperwork to register seems overwhelming, but it meant that they had relevant details for when I was out of town and not easily available to answer questions. I highly recommend ACC of NH!

Christie Kinenchen, 2022

Client since 2021, Uses Enrichment Play Daycare Program

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