My two Maltese, Beau and Abby, have been attending enrichment play daycare at Animal Care Center of NH since its opening in September.  They began attending daycare because they were very skittish and fearful to the extent that we couldn’t allow non family members into the house.  I am happy to say their behavior has improved by leaps and bounds!  The amount of barking that occurs when people come to the house now has decreased significantly and the dogs settle down quickly.  When we first started attending daycare, the dogs would bark at the staff in the morning but now they leap out of the car and can’t get to the door fast enough!  In addition, the staff at ACCNH is always ready to offer helpful tips for any issue I have with my pups.  The dogs spend their days exercising and playing mentally stimulating games so by the time they get home they are ready for a nice long snooze.  They really enjoy their time at ACCNH and I can relax and know they are in good hands.

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