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Courtney Pivec


I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing amount of care and attention you gave us and our pets. I am so blown away and impressed by this sitter and this company. Thank you so so much!

Courtney Pivec

Client since 2024, Uses Vacation Pet Sitting Visits

Cora Telles


If we could rate this place 1,000 stars we would. The enrichment play is everything we could have hoped for and more. We have a stubborn one year old pup (dachshund) who has improved immensely since his first day a couple months ago. He absolutely loves the staff and all of his new friends. This place is incredible, everyday they have a theme, game or puzzle for the dogs. They celebrate fun national holidays and share daily photos of their adventures. We are always actively working on improving obedience. This is a small business, they work around the clock to provide EXCELLENT care. They offer so many services and we trust them with all of our pets (even bunnies at home). We couldn’t imagine a better place for our social puppy to play, make friends and be safe. Thank you Dori and Rachelle for loving our boy and working so hard to make him happy.

Cora Telles, 2023

Client since 2023, Uses Enrichment Play Daycare Program AND Vacation Pet Sitting Visits

Amy Chapman


My pup has been attending enrichment care for 9 months. She continues to grow and flourish here from an anxious pup to one that is comfortable with new experiences. She is so excited to attend every time she goes and happy after the day there. There is such kindness and care that goes into the animals in their care. I am so glad my pup has gotten to experience all the different creative experiences she has while she has been attending enrichment care! It’s been so fun to watch her enjoy!

Amy Chapman, 2023

Client since 2022, Uses Enrichment Play Daycare Program

Jennifer Vining


My four legged child absolutely loves attending the Puppy Enrichment program at Animal Care Center of NH. The staff is friendly, professional, and dedicated. I am impressed with their philosophy when it comes to caring for and training dogs. They are very knowledgeable and willing to offer their opinion and experience when I have general questions about caring at home for my dog. I don’t leave my pup with just anyone, but I know he is in good hands and having fun when he is at Animal Care Center of N.H.

Jennifer Vining, 2022

Client since 2021, Uses Enrichment Play Daycare Program

Amanda Raisanen


Hands down the best money I spend is sending my puppy to daycare! She has the time of her life, exhausted when she gets home, and made best friends. Every box has checked off my list for excellent daycare services. HIGHLY recommend!!

Amanda Raisanen, 2022

Client since 2021, Uses Enrichment Play Daycare Program

Jennifer Schelly


On the more expensive side, but they give you a lot for the money. There are tons of options to upgrade too, so if you want to pamper your pooch, you definitely can.

Jennifer Schelly, 2022

Client since 2022, Uses Luxury Boarding

Megan Miller


I brought my energetic young Jack Russell Terrier to Animal Care Center after we had negative experiences at other doggy daycares (she did not do well in a chaotic large group environment). I was worried that my dog would not be able to attend doggy daycare but she has absolutely thrived at Animal Care Center! The dogs are truly part of a big family and receive personalized attention and care throughout the day. I highly recommend Animal Care Center – it is the best daycare service in the area hands down.

Megan Miller, 2022

Client since 2020, Uses Enrichment Play Daycare Program

Mike Ryan

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

Our puppy was one of the first to join the newly opened center. I was amazed at the inside and yard area for play. Clean, modern, beautiful spot for our border collie. I was pleased with the knowledge and professionalism I seen in the staff.and felt 100% comfortable leaving her in thier care. As the clientele grew this past year, I still felt like my dog got as much attention as in the beginning. I highly recommend

Mike Ryan, 2022

Client since 2020, Uses Enrichment Play Daycare Program

Elizabeth Healey

Hi Professional Pet Sitting Team,

We have arrived home to a very happy CC and want to thank you for this break.
She has been taken great care and we so appreciate the love and care given to our sweet girl.!
Best regards,
Elizabeth Healey, 2022
Client since 2010, Uses Vacation Pet Sitting Visits

Andrew Neumann

Hi Dorinne,

I made it home safely (a bit delayed to early Monday morning, from the planned Sunday evening).
Thank you for making sure that Taz was well cared-for this past weekend; it is a relief to know that he is in good hands while I am away, and always appreciated.
Kind Regards,
Andrew Neumann, 2022
Client Since 2015, Uses Vacation Pet Sitting Visits

Christie Kinenchen


I’m creeping up on one year using Animal Care Center of NH and I am impressed. This isn’t just doggie daycare – their enrichment classes are designed to stimulate minds, build bodies and reinforce desirable behaviors.

I’ve used a few other daycares and my gripe was that they would send me home with a report card for undesirable behaviors that I can’t address at home because I can’t recreate the circumstances that elicited them. They worked with my dog to create and reinforce better habits.

I also love their boarding and pet-sitting services. My dog gets to board in a familiar place with familiar people and with minimal disruption to her routine. That’s a big deal.

I agree that the paperwork to register seems overwhelming, but it meant that they had relevant details for when I was out of town and not easily available to answer questions. I highly recommend ACC of NH!

Christie Kinenchen, 2022

Client since 2021, Uses Enrichment Play Daycare Program

Karen Ann

Hello,  Dan is home : )
Thank you for taking such great care of our critter family!!!
We appreciate you so much!!!
Stay safe and well,
Karen and Dan
Karen Ann, 2022
Clients since 2015, Uses Vacation Pet Sitting Visits

Andrea Rogers

We arrived home safely and the bunnies are great! We and they couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for the expert care!

Andrea Rogers, 2022

Client since 2019, Uses Vacation Pet Sitting Visits

Kaylee Harrison

I arrived home safely!!! Thanks for the great care, as always!

Kaylee Harrison, 2021

Client since 2017, use Vacation Pet Sitting Visits

Laura Carvalho

Love love love this place! We have been sending our puppy here since we adopted her last year. Our dog gets one-on-one attention, mental stimulation, and playtime with other dogs. Great place for an energetic pup! We also love the daily report cards with pictures and videos from the day. They go above and beyond each holiday with a special treat/photo shoot for our dog. It’s so awesome here!

Laura Carvalho, 2021
Client since 2020, uses Enrichment Play Daycare

Bonny Gleason

Dear Dori , We are Home !!!  All was great here.  Thank you so much once again for allowing us to go away and not have to worry about our babies!!!!  Until next summer

Bonnie Gleason, 2020
Client since 2015, uses Vacation Visits

Ross Burger

Thanks Dori, We arrived home, and everything with Kao is great! Our sitter was fantastic, and we really appreciate her great service and attention she gave Kao.  Cheers

Ross Burger, 2020
Client Since 2016, Uses Vacation Visits

Elle Turner & Seth Dewey

Hello, We have arrived home safely. Our kitties are great, and as usual, were well taken care of while we were away. Our thanks to our pet sitter (Rachelle). It seems she is Jake kitty’s best buddy. ♥

Elle Turner & Seth Dewey, 2020
Client since 2013, Uses Vacation Visits

Robert Hughes

I wanted you to know how grateful we are for your service. Knowing that Sage is cared for while we are at work is such a blessing! Our minds are at ease knowing

Robert Hughes, 2020
Client since 2013, Uses Vacation visits

Sue Merrigan

My two Maltese, Beau and Abby, have been attending enrichment play daycare at Animal Care Center of NH since its opening in September.  They began attending daycare because they were very skittish and fearful to the extent that we couldn’t allow non family members into the house.  I am happy to say their behavior has improved by leaps and bounds!  The amount of barking that occurs when people come to the house now has decreased significantly and the dogs settle down quickly.  When we first started attending daycare, the dogs would bark at the staff in the morning but now they leap out of the car and can’t get to the door fast enough!  In addition, the staff at ACCNH is always ready to offer helpful tips for any issue I have with my pups.  The dogs spend their days exercising and playing mentally stimulating games so by the time they get home they are ready for a nice long snooze.  They really enjoy their time at ACCNH and I can relax and know they are in good hands.

Sue Merrigan, 2021
Client since 2020, uses Dog Walking and Enrichment Play Daycare Program

Kristin Rahilly

Brought my dog Lucy to have her nails clipped and what a wonderful visit and service! Usually Lucy  is quite nervous with getting her nails cut but she was shown so much love and attention. Not only did Lucy get her nails clipped but the owner also spent time with me walking me through how to work with Lucy while we are home so that she is more comfortable with getting her nails cut. Thank you all so much!

Kristin Rahilly, 2021
Client since 2020, Uses Grooming Service

Sandra Castagno – Rhone

You MUST send your pets here. Our smooth coat high energy border collie and love of our life Cleo demonstrates a love with the care she gets being taken care of and trained with The staff. She is so joyful when she knows she is headed to daycare… the facility is unmatchable

Sandra Castagno - Rhone, 2021
Client since 2020, uses Enrichment Play Daycare Program

Angel Irizarry

I don’t know where to start. I am absolutely and thoroughly pleased with this service. I personally never met my sitter but I can tell that this person took the time to become friends with my cat. She perfectly described the affectionate habits of my pet when she’s happy. Also perfectly described her eating habits and her favorite toy of choice, all the way down to her bathroom habits! My kitty even received an A on her behavior scorecard 😉 I would recommend this service to absolutely anyone! I will also be using this company in the future. Above and beyond Btw the application process did seem lengthy but as a pet parent I do not care about filling out applications that helps the sitter understand her needs. Seems a little selfish to not take the time to explain to an experienced professional how to handle your pet. It was well worth it.

Angel Irizarry, 2020
Client since 2020, uses vacation visits

Andrea Rogers

We arrived home safely and the bunnies are great! We and they couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for the expert care!

Andrea Rogers, 2020
Client since 2018, uses vacation visits for her Bunnies!

Karen Almgren

Thank you for taking such great care of our critter family!!!

We appreciate you so much!!!

Stay safe and well,

Karen Almgren, 2020
Client since 2013, uses Vacation Visits

Susan Taney

I have multiple pets, each requiring different kinds of attention. The dogs all need to be let out during the day while I’m at work. And when the family goes on vacation, it’s nice to know someone will be taking take care of Scooter’s litter box and Bob’s birdcage as well. Professional Pet Sitting, Etc. is a godsend!

Susan Taney (1994)

Thank you again for saving my Keemo. After calling around for help and repeatedly getting ‘no’ for an answer, I bless the day I called you. I always looked forward to his obedience lessons and enjoyed your training so very much…Keemo and I are inseparable now and he is a great joy in my life.

Esther Levesque (1995)

I’m really glad we found someone to love our dogs as much as we do, with all the travel we do. Thanks for all you do!

The Levesque family (1995)

Sam needs to be let out during the day while I am at work. He has a lot of energy, and it’s been nice having someone there to walk him these past 8 years.

We cared for Sam until January 2010. Sadly Sam passed away….we miss Sam terribly and send love, thoughts and prayers to his family.

Carol Hordis (1995)

Thank you for all the help with our pet. It was so frustrating not knowing what to do.

Mary Hermansen (1996)

It was such a pleasure to return home from our vacation to clean litter boxes and healthy, happy kitties! My daughter was especially thrilled that her fish tank was still clear and clean — not an easy task with six starving fish eyes begging for more food. You are the best!

Robin McGee (1996)

Thank you for the peace of mind you provide while we are away. It makes our vacation so much more fun.

Amy & Bill Kasting (1997)

From the perspective of Heidi, the dog: “Through the years when Mommy and Mr. Dan would go away on weekends or on vacation, Dori or one of her pet sitters would come and care for me. I have always been very independent – even as a puppy I was never very “friendly” – and this only increased as I got older. But they always took such great care of me, leaving notes for each visit describing how I reacted to them, how I ate, where I was, etc., that Mr. Dan and Mommy always felt as though they had been right here with me all along.

Heidi (1998) sadly Heidi passed away in 2001

Thank you for providing your wonderful service all these years.

Nori Odoi (1998)

Before we found your service, we had not been on a vacation in years because I couldn’t think of putting my babies in a kennel. Now that we found you, I feel free to travel the world. I can’t believe how wonderful it is to know you and your staff are caring for my babies. THANK YOU.

Kendra M. (1999)

I can’t thank you enough for all the care you provided to our pets when my husband was rushed to the hospital. With one phone call, you took over and I could give my full attention to my husband. Thank you so much for your help.

Catherine Ford (2000)

You are angels in disguise and we are very grateful for you.

Paul and Maria Gilmartin (2001)

Thank you for all your expertise in animal behavior. We didn’t know what to do when we adopted our sweet angel from the rescue. With your help we persisted and she is the love of our life.

Elaine Hannula (2002)

My husband and I have been utilizing your service for several years. We could not be more pleased with the care that our animals receive when we are not home. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our pets.

Elizabeth A. (2003)

I felt so guilty when I went to work full time and had to leave our dog home alone all day, when he was used to me being there every day. Now I know that you are there every day, giving him much needed exercise and a potty break. Now when I come home he is a joy and not so needy. Just knowing that you are there every day, I don’t feel panicked wondering if he had an accident or was he uncomfortable holding it until I got home. Some days he just barely made it out the door before he had to go. Thank you for your service.

Maryann L. (2003)

I am so glad we found your service. It is so much easier to just call you and know our pets are cared for. We never have to pick them up or drop them off. This is great and my pets seem much happier, calmer and they are here whenever we get home, even at 2 am. Thank you.

Daphne J. Kenyon (2004)

You provide so much more than just potty and playtime – you provide comfort and care and peace of mind to our furry family members in such capable compassionate hands backed by the expertise to handle our pets special needs. Your extra care and advice gave us months that we may not have had. Those memories are priceless and will always be with us – as will our thanks to all of you. With greatest appreciation.

Maureen and Bryant Quilliam (2005)

As you may recall, I was very nervous about leaving my pets, but our pet sitter did a fantastic job and I will not hesitate to call you company again for all our pet care.

Kim Mack (2006)

Thank you for all that you do. PS. We LOVE our pet sitter.

John & Kathy Mallows (2007)

Thank you, yet once again for the great care for our diabetic kitty.

Cindy Morrison (2008)

Thank you for the wonderful care.

Sheila Charette (2008)

We absolutely LOVED our pet sitter.

Elaine Bolognese (2008)

You guys are awesome to work with, so accommodating.” referring to her last minute business trips.

Cathy T. (2009)

Thank you so much for all you do. The sitter’s notes sounded like she had more fun with the cats then we did on vacation.

Elizabeth A. (2009)

Back Home. Kitties are great. Didn’t expect anything less. Notes were absolutely delightful to read. It’s just wonderful to know that I can go anywhere at any time and know that they (my cats) are in such great hands. I just absolutely love the service and I am so happy. I don’t even remember how I found you but thank you again so much. It’s the best.

Barbara Klein (2009)

I just wanted to write a little note to THANK YOU for taking such great care of Scooter while we were out of town. This being the first time ever, that Scooter has been left alone for several days and cared for by someone other than Ed or I. He was happy and playful upon our return – so I know that he was very well taken care of in our absence. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts (Scooter’s too).

Linda & Ed Mezzapelle (2009)

It is such a pleasure to go away and know that people who love our pets will be here each and every day. Our pets are so happy when we return home.

Kim B. (2009)

Professional Pet Sitters has proven to be a reliable caretaker both in the normal course of action and in emergency situations. They consistently deliver quality services when watching our cat and make sure she is well fed, happy, and looked after. They have an excellent track record in dealing with the normal vacation and business travel pet service requirements and I would happily recommend them. Professional Pet Sitters is an excellent value for the money. Their service allows us to have the capability to travel and gives us the peace of mind to be comfortable in leaving her home alone. An excellent alternative to boarding in the kennel.

Jeff Berenson (2009)

I always recommend Professional Pet Sitting Etc. to anyone looking for great pet care. As a friend of Dori’s, I know, first hand, how hard she’s worked to make her service top notch. It’s a 365 day a year work obsession for her and there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make it so reliable. When you leave home, there’s no doubt in my mind that your pet(s) will be cared for.

Della  2011

I’ve used their services for my Ret. Guide Dog Walden and they were GREAT with him and me. 🙂 I always keep them in mind if I ever need a pet sitter again, I would never call anyone else.

Kandi Hutchins 2011

My wife Kathy and I have been part of the Professional Pet Sitting family for more than five years. We are Executive Coaches and cat lovers to boot. Dorinne has built a great business from scratch (no pun intended). She combines critical business skills with her unconditional love for our furry friends of all kinds and has become renowned throughout New England for her advocacy and knowledge of pet care. She hand selects each of her pet sitters and personally trains them to provide only the best care for their charges. If you care about your pets and want only the best for them, call Professional Pet Sitting Etc.

Louis Emond 2011

I have worked for Professional Pet Sitting for over 10 years and have to say in all honesty I love my job. I get plenty of exercise, fresh air and more importantly get to take care of lots of lovely pets.
Dori is a terrific boss who, naturally, expects all her sitters to comply with her rules. If you do then you will have no problems.

Denise Lada 2011

I was a previous employee of Professional petsitting and I can attest to the level of professionalism and care for the business by Dori (owner) .This is not a temporary business. It is well grounded and very well run to details and concern for the clients. I was well trained and I was thoroughly background checked and equally as important was hired because of my love for helping the clients pets. It was not enough to just be trained and sent off to the visits, Dori personally supervised several of my first visits to ensure I understood the particular and unique training to Professional Petsitting training she provides to all the sitters. The training she provides is well organized , detailed and unique for the sitters to properly serve the clients and be well prepared. As hard as they work, I found something common to all the sitters at Professional Petsitting….They had fun too because they enjoyed working for the clients and their furry best friends!

Brad B. 2011

I have worked for professional pet sitting for 8 years now and it is a great company to work for. You can make your own schedule so it is great as a second job. Also it is great for people who love animals because you get to spend time with many different animals as you get to go to many different houses in any given week. The boss Dori is a great person to work for and with. I love working for the company!

Lisa W. 2011

As a previous employee of Professional Petsitting I was impressed by how organized the company was which made it easy to complete my work assignments. My work schedule was perfect for me and fit in to my daily routine. The hours were flexible and if I had any concerns or issues, they were taken care of right away. It was a great job for me since I love all types of animals and it gave me a chance to spend time with them. My job was very enjoyable and rewarding. Working for Dori was a pleasure!

Cathy Trudo 2011

I always recommend Professional Pet Sitting Etc. to anyone looking for great pet care. As a friend of Dori’s, I know first hand how hard she’s worked to make her service top notch. It’s a 365 day a year work obsession for her and there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make it so reliable. When you leave home, there’s no doubt in my mind that your pet(s) will be cared for.

Della F. 2011

We were introduced to Professional Pet Sitting several years ago when my little Rudy needed extra daytime care and attention. We were so impressed that we decided to trust the service so that we could go on vacation…something we hadn’t been able to do because we just couldn’t trust a kennel again. Boarding her in a kennel had always ended with Rudy being downright mad at us. She sulked, wouldn’t eat, and was just SO unhappy. After leaving her in the care of Professional Pet Sitting, Rudy’s behavior always told us that she had received lots of TLC!!! She was happy to see us!!!! As a matter of fact, I think I was a little jealous. Well, Rudy has since then passed away, but I will be forever grateful to Dori and her staff! Thank you Dori…for all you do, and for how much you care!

Vangie Collins 2011

Dori, Thank you for providing such a wonderful service for our dogs [mid-day let out]. I was very worried about my two older dogs due to their complicated medical conditions, but your service alleviated all of my worries. The dog walkers who came to our house were all kind, professional, and very attentive to the needs of our dogs. It was clear that they truly cared about our dogs! I am retiring and no longer need pet sitting, but I wouldn’t hesitate call you again if the need arises. I’d recommend you to anyone!

Donna F. (2011)

I always use your services for my 2 cats Sabrina and Juno when I’m away and feel very assured they get great care. I get extra reassurance when I return home by how content and unstressed they are. Thanks!

Brenda B. 2011

I’ve used Prof Pet Sitting service for about 12 years now and they are the best. A couple of times my plans changed while I was away, and all it took was a call to Dori and everything was taken care of – no worries about my cats at all. And my cats actually love Rachelle and some of the other sitters more than me, I think.

Pat D. 2011

This Christmas Gift may arrive late, but we can never THANK YOU enough. You are a blessing to us and to Mac & Millie! Thank you for coming into our lives. We appreciate ALL that you do. Thank you,

Thank you, John and Chris (2012)

Joyce Nadeau

Our Christmas was so hectic this year but I was able to relax because I knew the pet sitter would be here to support us…Thank God for this service…I don’t think I would have made it through this holiday season without them!

Joyce Nadeau, 2012
Client since 2010, uses Dog Walking & Vacation Visits

I’ve used Prof. Pet Sitting since 1995. The sitters have always been wonderful and compassionate. It gave me great peace in the thoroughness of how they got to know my pets and how I feed, walk and care for all of my pets that I have had in these past years. Dori has been there for me when a few of my pets passed away. What comfort. I have always paid by credit card. I will be going away the day after Christmas and I am already booked with my favorite sitter! I love this service.

Eva Belle 2012

We use PPS, Etc., every time my husband and I go away we call Dori to get a pet sitter in to take care of our boys, Ronin and Cypher. It is a great piece of mind to know our boys are home, safe, and well taken care of when we are out of state. We have had great experiences every time we leave the boys at the house with the pet sitter. The boys love Rita – our usual pet sitter. This service is invaluable as it provides piece of mind when you are away – your pets are safe, at home, well taken care of, not susceptible to diseases or sicknesses if they were away at boarding. Your fur babies are loved, and best of all – THEY ARE THERE when you get home from vacation!

Nicole 2012

I am so glad I chose Professional Pet Sitting to check on my Dog and Cat during a business day trip. I normally work from home but I had an at length business meeting in Boston that was crucial to attend. I had a ton of anxiety worrying who to find to check on my “kids”. I got Professional Pet sittings number from a friend. I called and i really grilled them with questions which reflected my anxiety of making sure I got top notch care. Dorinne the owner answered all my questions to my satisfaction and did so cheerfully. I have a friendly but hyper Pit Bull and an Orange Tabby who is an escape artist and I expressed my concerns if Dorinne can handle my kids. She assured me her and her staff were quite capable. I decided to entrust them and I found I made a very good decision doing so. I now feel at ease that if I have another extended day out of the house I know who to call. I cannot express how much that means to me, I worry tremendously about my pets and like all care they get, It has to meet MY high standard..Not what someone else deems as high. Professional Pet sitting met my high standard.

Brad B. 2013

My husband and I have been customers here for the past nine years. The service is as close to perfect as it gets. Your petsitter feeds and plays with your animals and they leave notes about what happens. The notes always capture the animals’ individual personalities which demonstrates they are taking the time to really know your pets. The flexibility noted in a previous review was key for us when my mother was suffering from a terminal illness. It was nice not to have something extra to worry about during that time. I would also like to note that we appreciated the thoroughness of the application process. When I saw the application, we knew that this company was the one for us. Nothing is left to chance. Our animals are always happy and content when we get home. We’ve referred many people to this service and all have been happy with it. It’s a terrific service!

Elizabeth Armstrong 2013

I know first hand what great care the petsitters from Professional Pet Sitting Etc. give to the furry, scaley, wet, slimey, soft, cuddly and not so cuddly pets that they visit. This is a company totally focused on the well being and happiness of the animals and the clients. I’ve known the owner for about 12 yrs and would trust her with my animals AND my children!

Tricia Glastetter 2014

I have found this pet sitting company more than reliable. I have always had wonderful service from their employees. My dogs are always happy to see them when they arrive to walk them on their daily walks while I work from home.

Becky Fortin 2014

Matilda Bailey

I LOVE them (PPSE) and so do my boys (I have 2 Shepherds). I was nervous at first about leaving my boys at home when I went back to work full time. I called Professional Pet Sitting and they really put me at ease about leaving them during the day. I did have to go through a registration process which basically asked a lot of information about my boys, what they like to do and how they could make them happy and get the most out of the time the petsitter would be spending with them. I thought that was really great. So I am now doing mid days with them and my boys are so happy when I get home, you can tell they have had a lot of fun with the sitter and she always leaves me great notes about what they did and how the boys were for the day (Thank you so much) I really am glad that I found them and that I can trust somebody with my boys during the day to make sure they are happy.

Matilda Bailey, 2021
Client since 2013, Uses Dog Walking & Vacation Visits

I had never used a pet sitting service before so naturally I was skeptical…My puppy dog is my son and he only deserves the best! Back in February I needed to go in for heart surgery which means I would not be able to walk my puppy dog during lunch for at least 2 months…My husband works and so does all of my family…I was beside myself because I had a 2 year old puppy dog that NEEDS lots of exercise (he is walked 3-4 times per day)…I decided to try Professional Pet sitting Etc BEFORE I went for surgery to ensure they would be a good fit…My husband and I were very impressed with their solid practice of ensuring pets are taken good care of..Our puppy dog loves all the pet walkers and they love him…I thought we would only use them for my recovery time but we have decided to keep them coming because they are so reliable, reasonably priced (I know this because I had to use another pet sitter up north for my brother when he had a stroke), and trustworthy…We are so pleased we have the extra support we need…THANK YOU Professional Pet sitting Etc for making our lives more peaceful and our puppy dog happy 🙂

Joyce Nadeau 2014

Brenda Brackman

I absolutely love and trust Professional Pet Sitting Etc with taking care of my 2 cats. Dori and her staff are extremely professional and animal knowledgeable. I like the fact that they require I keep 2 house keys with them at all times — one for the pet sitter and one as a back up at their office should my primary pet sitter not be able to pet sit for any reason. How many individual pet sitters do you know that think that far ahead? I have even called while already in transit needing last minute pet sitting and they’ve been able to accommodate my needs because they do keep my payment method on file. I can’t think of any reason not to use their services. They are animal advocates and I know my animals’ well being will be of highest priority while I’m away.

Updated added in 2014:
Just an update from the review above !! I continue to utilize Professional Pet Sitting Etc’s services and couldn’t be more pleased. Recently I had to be away from town (my cats were actually with me). Who better to ask if they could add a service of visiting my house once in a while for pay just to keep an eye on it? They already have a key and I trust them completely so I asked. That’s one of the nicest features of the business, They are flexible and quick on their toes to respond to their customers’ needs. So, you need something special for your pets or your house? Give them a call. They’re there to help!

Brenda Brackman 2011 & 2014
Client since 2008, Uses Vacation Visits

I have been with Professional Pet Sitting, Etc for about 1 year now. The registration was simple and easy. They explained everything to me. The pet sitter that came to my house was wonderful and treated my dogs great. My dogs love when she comes over and knows its playtime. I am glad Professional Pet Sitting, Etc exists because I know my dogs are cared for when I am at work. I love using Professional Pet Sitting. They always are there for my “babies” even if my plans change. When I am away, I always know that there will be someone there to take care of my babies and make sure they are happy. Dori is wonderful and so easy to talk to. If I ever have a question, she is right there. My babies love their mid-day visits too. It is really good to know that they can get a potty break while I am at work.

Richalie Demaine 2014

The best thing about Professional Pet sitting is the peace of mind I get . I trust Professional Pet sitting. I am very anxious about long days at work with my “kids” at home alone….Dori is the best and her staff is well selected and trained.

Dan Bergeron 2014

I have used Professional Pet Sitting since 2004. Dori is extremely organized and this creates a great confidence in her reliability. Her pet sitters are friendly and our dogs love them. This gives us a great deal of relief that when we go on vacation, we can trust that our dogs will be well taken care of in our own home. We use PPS on a regular basis and they are very reliable and thorough!

Kate Kusior 2014

I used Prof. Pet Sitting for over 10 years. I liked that almost always the same pet sitter came, so my cats got to know them, and that if something happened and the assigned pet sitter couldn’t make it, PPS would send someone else. As my cats aged, it became important that they had a bond with the sitter; I travel quite a bit, sometimes for as much as 2 weeks at a time. I used to joke that the cats loved the sitter more than me! As my cats aged, the pet sitter was even more alert with them. When my little Shadow (age 16) had to be euthanized, the sitter was as upset as I was. On my last trip, a cruise, my Bashir (age 19) started failing, and the pet sitter noticed the change. PPS got in touch with me right away, as well as my adult daughter who lives nearby. The pet sitter started staying longer (at no extra charge) so Bashir wouldn’t be alone. By the time I got home I had to let go of Bashir too, and the pet sitter was just as upset as before. The people I’ve had come out from PPS have all been caring and my cats loved them. I think they’re great, and love the peace of mind I had when they were caring for my cats.

Patricia Dunegan 2014

I’ve been a client for well over 5 years and couldn’t be more pleased. In addition to being consistently reliable and accommodating, Dori, Rachelle, and the staff at Professional Pet Sitting, etc. continue to go above and beyond with regards to any concern I’ve encountered with my two cats. About a year ago, Henry developed a liver problem and required tube feeds three times a day for several weeks before he could eat on his own. I don’t know how I would have managed if Rachel hadn’t been available to help me with his feeds. Even more recently, Oskar stopped routinely using his litter box and after several unsuccessful attempts with new litters, boxes, etc., Dori spent an unbelievable amount of time troubleshooting the problem with me and came up with a strategy that has my household well on the way back to normalcy (thank god). The folks at Professional Pet Sitting, etc. treat your pets as though they were your own; I couldn’t ask for a better team taking care of my cats.

Liz Karagosian 2014

When I moved to NH 10 years ago, I knew I would be going back to visit family and friends, so one of the first things I asked my new colleagues about was a good pet sitting service.  The first three people I asked – all cat lovers like me – said they used & highly recommended Professional Pet Sitting Etc.  I have been using them ever since and my experience with them has always been very positive.

Their policy is to have the same person, whenever possible, care for your pets, so the pets can get used to that person.  One of my cats is extremely shy & anxious.  It is only in the last couple of years that she has felt comfortable enough to show herself to the pet sitter.  Knowing how easily frightened (& very neurotic!) she is, I am surprised she comes out at all.  I believe this is due to the consistent & familiar presence of Rachelle, who I think if as “our” pet sitter.  Both cats seem calm, relaxed and in good health when I return.   Rachelle always leaves me a note telling me how my cats were during my absence, which I very much appreciate.

Recently, I had a family emergency & had to leave the state abruptly, contacting Professional Pet Sitting Etc. on a day they are not usually in the office.  The proprietor, Dori, got back to me very quickly & assured me that they would always be responsive in an emergency.  When I returned to NH, I had to again leave very abruptly & had to request their services again.  I was very upset and disorganized during this time, yet Dori was very patient and understanding, which helped make a very difficult situation a bit less painful & difficult.

I highly recommend Professional Pet Sitting Etc.  They provide quality services that I expect to be using for many years to come.  My cats are part of my family, and I want only the best care for them.  Professional Pet Sitting Etc. has always provided that for us.

Barbara Dawson - 2015

Thanks….you guys are fantastic and very much appreciated! !!! You provide a great service! !!

Donna Sudol 2015

Just wanted to say thank you for taking care of our “kids” while we were on vacation last week.  Everything was great when we came home and she even left us a nice note with suggestions for Tyson’s diet.  We will definitely look into the brand of food she suggested.  I have to say that after setting up our account with you, having communicated with you several times, and then meeting our sitter, we went on vacation feeling very comfortable knowing our cats were in good hands.

Everything was great when we came home and the cats looked happy and well taken care of.  Since we’ve returned, we’ve made some changes and Tyson is now pretty much using the litter box all the time.  Haven’t had any accidents in over a week now.  I will update our profile for any future appointments, so the sitter will know about the changes.

Although we don’t anticipate any long stays away from home soon, it is nice to know you are only an email away when we might need you.

Thank you again for your service.  We really were at ease and able to thoroughly enjoy our time away without feeling too guilty about leaving the cats home.

Carol Richards, 2015

We are home thank you so much you guys are awesome!!

Justine & Rich Goodrow,  2017
Client since 2016, Uses Vacation Service

Steven Just

We are home safe and sound and all is well.  Everyone looks like they were very well taken care of.  We LOVED the report card and the great note from the sitter.  Looking forward to using your service again.  Cheers!

Steven Just, 2020
Client since 2017, Uses Vacation Service

Melissa Guttierez

I wanted you to know how grateful we are for your service. Knowing that Sage is cared for while we are at work is such a blessing! Our minds are at ease knowing Sage is happy, loved, and cared for by her sitter. We actually look forward to reading Sage’s report card when we return home! The peace of mind you and your staff provide is priceless! Thank you! 

Melissa Guttierez, 2020 
Client since 2016, Uses Vacation and Daily Dog Walking Service

Tracey Wortham

We are back home. Thank you for taking such great care of our kitties while we were away! It gives me peace of mind to know you are watching them.

Tracey Wortham , 2017 
Client since 2015, Uses Vacation Service

Petr Klapka

We are home safe and sound and all is well.  Willie and Sarah are both happy (fish too, but they don’t say much!), and it looks like they were very well taken care of.  We LOVED the report card and the great note from the sitter.  What a great touch!  Very much looking forward to using your service again.  Cheers!

Petr Klapka , 2020
Client since 2017, Uses Vacation Service
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