Until Tuesday, A Service Dog Hero, Professional Pet Sitting Etc

Until Tuesday, A Service Dog Hero, Professional Pet Sitting Etc













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 Until Tuesday

Did you know that the training of a service dog can begin as early as three days old?  That was the case for Tuesday the Psychiatric Therapy dog.  At three days old when his only developed sense was touch, his trainers began his interaction with humans.  Tuesday, the golden retriever, was born and bred to be of service to one very fortunate human being.

Tuesday was trained by a variety of handlers so that he would not get attached to any one human.  However, he did spend time working behind bars with a prison inmate under a special prisoner dog training program.  Tuesday was very sad when his trainer was paroled but the best was yet to come for Tuesday and a very special disabled Iraqi Veteran by the name of Luis Montalvan. 

Luis Montalvan, who so boldly and courageously served our country for two tours in Iraq, came home a changed man.  He suffered debilitating physical and psychological injuries from war.  Luis retreated from his family, friends and life altogether. He suffered from PTSD, nightmares, traumatic brain injury, panic attacks and a fractured vertebrae.  Luis was in need of a therapy dog. 

Tuesday spent the first two years of her life preparing to be of service to one person and that person was Luis Montalvan.  In 2008, Luis and Tuesday were matched and so began a journey of healing for Luis.  Tuesday is Luis’s constant companion and is in tune of his every need.  Tuesday can detect when Luis needs help, and when he is anxious or afraid.  He picks things up for him, helps him keep his balance when his vertigo attacks and so much more. The pair plays together and works together.  Luis wrote a book entitled “Until Tuesday” and Tuesday was right there with him while he wrote the book and while he was out promoting it.  In fact, Luis went on to earn a master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of Journalism and Tuesday was right there with him earning his very own diploma and donning a cap and gown.

Luis is living the life he thought he had lost while serving our country thanks to a very special service dog, Tuesday.  Today they travel the country in tandem telling others how service dogs can changes the lives of our wounded soldiers. If you’d like to learn more about Luis Montalvan and his therapy dog, Tuesday please check out www. Luismontalvan.net and read his book “Until Tuesday”.  It was on the New York Times Best seller list for multiple years and rightfully so.  Just do yourself a favor and have a box of tissues handy.

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