Merlin is ready for his date

Merlin is ready for his date



Love Your Pet ?


Why not show


Them on


Valentine’s Day




Author, Dorinne Whynott, Owner of Professional Pet Sitting Etc.


Valentine’s Day Pet Tips and more

February is Adopt a Rabbit Month.  Please go to your shelter and see what they have, if you are thinking of adding a beautiful bunny to your family. 

Here are some gift ideas for the pet love of your life.  Even the grumpiest pet would love these gifts.  


Make an Eternal Gift

  • Make a Donation to an animal shelter or rescue in your pet’s name.  Make it a lasting one and go on a monthly donation.
  • Here are others ways you can help in your Pets Name


Immortalize Your Pet

  • Take lots of pictures or video
  • Make a scrapbook of your pet
  • Make a facebook Page and post daily pictures or videos throughout your pets life


Make Your Pets Paw Print Last Forever


Make a Date with Your Pet

  • Make time to
    • Snuggle with your Pet
    • Go for a long walk
    • Go to the Dog park
    • Play kitty ball or other kitty games
  • Make this a weekly treat, mark your Pet date on your calendar


Make a Dinner Date with Your Pet

  • Treat your pet to a super healthy meal
    • Cook some boneless chicken and add it to their regular meal
    • Or pick up a cooked rotisserie chicken and remove the meat (no bones)
    • Add some pumpkin


Make Healthy  Pet Treats


Learn How to Give Your Pet Massage


Splurge on New Pet Toys

  • For Cats
    • Scratching posts
    • fresh catnip
    • catnip mice
    • feather wands
  • For Dogs
    • chew toys
    • new ball
    • rope tugs
    • kong


Splurge on a New Plush Pet Bed

  • A new bed for your pet can always be exciting.  Look for ones that the cover unzips for easy cleaning in the washer.  If you have an older pet, look for memory foam for comfort on those joints.


New ID is a Life Saver

  • Now is the time to think of new identification.  
  • Maybe get a microchip and a new tag 
  • Dress them up with a new colorful collar too


Give the Gift of Health

  • We love our pets and want them around for as long as possible.  Keeping them in tip top health can help.  If you pet has not had a physical, book now.  Maybe add a full blood work up.  It is good to have a baseline when your pet is healthy, to compare down the road when they may be feeling under the weather


Give the Gift of Clean Choppers

  • Have your veterinarian thoroughly check your pets teeth and gums.  Schedule a full dentistry if your vet suggests it.  Inflamed gums, gum disease and tooth decay can make your pet uncomfortable with out you knowing.  Plus bacteria can be entering your pets blood stream causing unforeseen problems internally in the future.


Give the Gift of Cleanliness

  • Everyone loves to be Clean
  • Give your pet a good brushing and a bath!  
  • Take them to the groomer or do it yourself.  
  • Make them all clean and pretty for your dates above.


Give your Pet the Gift of a Pedicure

  • Trim those nails.  If you feel uncomfortable doing it, the groomer or your animal hospital can do this for you
  • Trim nails can prevent improper walking, or nail growing into pads from overgrown nails.


Safety for your Pets on Valentines

  • Keep your pets away from
    • Chocolates and Candy – cocoa and theobromine can be harmful to pets
    • Sugar free treats and gum that contain Xylitol – can be harmful
    • Flowers, thorny rose and lilies (can be fatal)
    • Candles – pets may try to play with the flickering flame causing burns or fires
    • Alcohol – almost empty glasses may entice pets to finish, small amounts of alcohol can be harmful and deadly to pets


Are you Thinking of Giving a Pet as A Gift

  • Please think twice, if they do not live with you
  • Read the article below for some ideas to ensure that a pet is the right gift
  • Pets As Gifts, Is It A Good Idea



Make March Reservations Now

If you have any MARCH dates you will be away, please make your reservations NOW to ensure availability. 


If you adopt a puppy or dog this month

CONGRATULATIONS !!  Register online ASAP to set up Dog Walking/Mid Day Let Out so they have a break while you are at work and you will be ready when you may need a pet care visit anytime in the future.


If you adopt a kitten or cat this month

CONGRATULATIONS !!  Register online ASAP to set up Feline Fun Time, we can take care of the litter box and give then one on one attention while you are at work, plus you will be ready when you may need a pet care visit anytime in the future.






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