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What is Our Enrichment Play Daycare Program?

Our Enrichment Play Daycare program is NOT like any other program in New Hampshire.

There are some who do a few things that we may do, like bubbles or ball pits and maybe a puzzle, but NO program is exactly like ours. 

Our Enrichment  play is a customizable program for dogs to create more mental and physical stimulation than just group play can provide.

We intersperse fun playtime with buddies with activities that create a good foundation for happy confident dogs as well as happy owners.

As mentioned in our article Why We Chose Enrichment Play Daycare, as a behaviorist, I never liked the play all day model and wanted something better.

What is the difference –

Play All Day Model 

  • large groups of 30 – 90 dogs
  • 1 handler for 30 – 60 – 90+ dogs depending on facility
  • most are no crating, so no personal space for dogs
  • most dogs are pushed beyond exhaustion by other dogs
  • beyond exhaustion can create grumpy dogs during daycare
  • no routine nap time, if a dog sleeps, another dog may want to play
  • dogs learn from other dogs and pick up bad behavior in many cases

Enrichment Play Model

  • Small groups of 10 – 20 dogs
  • Less dogs = less stress
  • Handlers appropriate to class size
  • Climate controlled area for nap time, rest, personal space and routine
  • Dogs have regular activities that include high energy and low energy to prevent over exhaustion
  • Different activities each day and each week
    • prevent boredom
    • create excitement
    • create new experiences
    • work the brain
  • Obedience is worked on in every activity to create a platform of knowledge and communication for human/animal bond
  • New experiences create a dog that is calmer in most situations
  • A wider world of activities, communication and experiences in a positive safe environment create a happier confident dog

Enrichment Play Daycare

Focuses on the WHOLE DOG from Nose to Tail

We learn about each dog’s breed to find activities that tap into their natural instincts such as herding for the border collie or using the Beagle’s nose.

Each dog has some of these tendencies but some breeds are just naturals and REALLY enjoy tapping into what makes them tick!

Plus, we want your dog to feel comfortable in situations

Yes, that includes going to your Vet!!

So, we will get them used to things they may encounter in their every day lives.

We have seen many of our dogs learn and blossom incredibly fast!

What are the Benefits of Enrichment Play?

  • Increased Confidence
  • Improved Concentration
  • Reduces boredom–related behavior problems
  • Increases intelligence and problem-solving skills
  • Protects against cognitive decline and dementia in senior dogs
  • Weight loss in heavier dogs
  • Builds Social skills for puppies

Learning Sit and Wait!

So, What do we do?

Here is just a FEW things we do in our program


Keep in mind that we change things every day, every week and every month. We are also constantly adding to our list every day-

  • PLAY with buddies (just running and wrestling)
  • Obedience
    • Basics – sit, down, come, stay
    • Wait, leave it, drop it
    • Quiet, Follow the leader
    • and much more
  • Crate Games
    • Even if you do not use a crate at home, we want dogs to be experienced and comfortable in a crate if they ever have to be hospitalized. A stress free dog heals faster. We play different games for creating a fun environment with crates.
    • and much more
  • Physical
    • Hurdles , Hoops
    • Climbing, Ball Pit
    • and much more
  • Senses
    • Nose work, cones
    • Puzzle games (BRAIN WORK)
    • Watch me
    • Listen
    • and much more
  • Uncomfortable to some
    • Weight Scales
    • Feet touches
    • Nails, Physicals
    • Teeth & mouth
    • Loud Noises
    • and much more
  • Exposure
    • Proper behavior when exposed to possible things they may encounter in normal life, like doorbells, UPS
    • and much more
  • Tricks
    • Peekaboo
    • Tap it
    • Rollover (both ways)
    • Shake
    • and much more
  • Owner mentioned problems that we have worked on 
    • Barking (quiet)
    • Jumping
    • Walking on a leash
    • No pulling on a leash
    • and much more

Keep in mind that we are not miracle workers and your dog will learn to do these things at our facility and may continue some things at home.  However, if you do not take an obedience class and learn to reinforce these positive behaviors at home, just like children, your smart pups will continue to do what pleases them, not you, at home.



Just Running and Having Fun!

We also have fun Celebrations for Holidays and Birthdays


We recommend that dogs attend as often as possible with a MINIMUM of twice a week.

The best would be Monday – Friday, giving your dog the MOST BENEFIT.

Owners schedule to drop their pups off in the morning between 630-830am and pick up in the afternoon between 3-5pm.

DROP INS – This program is not designed for Drop ins and we do not except drop ins.  We notice that dogs who do not come regularly take at least a half day just to burn off energy and excitement of seeing buddies and beloved counselors.  This sheer excitement prevents the drop in dog from focusing and really enjoying the program which also prevents the other dogs as well.

Requirements for ALL dogs at our Facility

These requirements are to protect your dog as well as all attendees in health and behavior.

Our strictness results in – To date we have NEVER had a case of Kennel Cough, Parasites or the fatal k9 virus that other facilities have had.

  • All dogs must be Neutered by 6 months of age (females spayed, males castrated)
  • Up to date Vaccines
    • Distemper (full panel)
    • Leptospirosis
    • Rabies
    • Bordatella
  • Recent Negative Stool Sample (must include Giardia)
  • Good with people
  • Good with other dogs

Dogs that may not do well in our Program

These following problems in some dogs will not do well in our program.  This is for the safety of all dogs in our groups. If we do see these traits in any sessions while in our program, we may need to exclude your dog.

  • Leash Reactive dogs (dogs who are aggressive or reactive towards other dogs or people when on leash)
    • We introduce dogs very slowly to each other and to keep all dogs safe, they will be on leash
    • We also do obedience work on leash at times with other dogs
  • Resource Guarders (dogs who are aggressive with toys, water, blankets, etc that they deem are theirs and become aggressive when other dogs approach)
    • We do many groups with toys and all dogs must be okay sharing
  • Food Aggressive (dogs that are aggressive with treats or food when other dogs approach)
    • We use food and treats throughout the day in group for recalls, sits and other obedience
    • We use treats and food in our activities with groups
  • Dogs that hate to be crated
    • Dogs that become anxious when crated or destroy crates will not be happy here.
    • We do have nap time.  Dogs need downtime to keep from being overstimulated which can cause grumpiness. Dogs will be crated to have their own space and be comfortable when taking a nap.

Here are What Clients are Saying

Want more Testimonials – Testimonials

Cora Telles


If we could rate this place 1,000 stars we would. The enrichment play is everything we could have hoped for and more. We have a stubborn one year old pup (dachshund) who has improved immensely since his first day a couple months ago. He absolutely loves the staff and all of his new friends. This place is incredible, everyday they have a theme, game or puzzle for the dogs. They celebrate fun national holidays and share daily photos of their adventures. We are always actively working on improving obedience. This is a small business, they work around the clock to provide EXCELLENT care. They offer so many services and we trust them with all of our pets (even bunnies at home). We couldn’t imagine a better place for our social puppy to play, make friends and be safe. Thank you Dori and Rachelle for loving our boy and working so hard to make him happy.

Amy Chapman


My pup has been attending enrichment care for 9 months. She continues to grow and flourish here from an anxious pup to one that is comfortable with new experiences. She is so excited to attend every time she goes and happy after the day there. There is such kindness and care that goes into the animals in their care. I am so glad my pup has gotten to experience all the different creative experiences she has while she has been attending enrichment care! It’s been so fun to watch her enjoy!

Sandra Rhone


You MUST send your pets here. Our smooth coat high energy border collie and love of our life Cleo demonstrates a love with the care she gets being taken care of and trained with The staff. She is so joyful when she knows she is headed to daycare… the facility is unmatchable

Sue Merrigan


My two Maltese, Beau and Abby, have been attending enrichment play daycare at Animal Care Center of NH since its opening in September 2020.  They began attending daycare because they were very skittish and fearful to the extent that we couldn’t allow non family members into the house.  I am happy to say their behavior has improved by leaps and bounds!  The amount of barking that occurs when people come to the house now has decreased significantly and the dogs settle down quickly.  When we first started attending daycare, the dogs would bark at the staff in the morning but now they leap out of the car and can’t get to the door fast enough!  In addition, the staff at ACCNH is always ready to offer helpful tips for any issue I have with my pups.  The dogs spend their days exercising and playing mentally stimulating games so by the time they get home they are ready for a nice long snooze.  They really enjoy their time at ACCNH and I can relax and know they are in good hands.


Meet just a few of Our Enrollees

Just Running and Having Fun!

Oakley, Ari and Jojo practicing Sit and Stay

Lou practicing Wait!

Beau & Abby doing nose work in Find It

Apollo – YES WE TAKE PUPPIES. This program is perfect for starting puppies out with a great base. Monday – Friday is BEST for ALL puppies.


Space is LIMITED

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