Was That Me?

Was That Me?


Okay, Who Passed Gas?


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If you are the proud parent of a darling dog, chances are you’ve encountered some not-so-pleasant smells emitting from his rear. Sure, one of the benefits of having a dog may be your ability to blame your own gassy emissions on him, but do you ever wonder if anything can be done to put a damper on the smells?


Dogs pass gas for a number of reasons. As with humans, diet plays a large role in gas production, as does swallowed air. Swallowed air? Certainly you’ve seen your dog devour his food like there’s no tomorrow, and along with the food he also swallows a great amount of air. And swallowed air, if not burped out, has to come out somewhere! Whatever the reason, there are steps that can be taken to keep you from having to don a gas mask in your own home.


Does your dog eat too fast?


Try feeding him more often in smaller amounts. This will decrease the amount of food he can scarf down at any given time. Or, you can incorporate household items to make him work a little bit harder for his food. Try putting a soup can in the middle of his food dish, or feed him from a muffin baking tin, with a bit of food scattered in each space. Tricks like these will give him no choice but to slow his roll when it comes to eating, therefore swallowing less air, resulting in less gas!


While swallowing less air may be helpful, the number one culprit of dog gas is the food he eats.


What food product the most gas in dogs?


Here is a list of the top foods to keep away from your dog, if you want to reduce his noxious fumes:



Milk and dairy products ~

Just as humans can be lactose intolerant, so can dogs. Most dogs have a difficult time digesting dairy products, resulting in issues with gas and other stomach problems.

Spoiled dog food ~

That’s right, dog food can go bad. Be sure to check for expiration dates, and toss any that is out of date. Food that is no longer fresh not only may contribute to gas, but may also cause more serious stomach issues such as diarrhea.


“People” food / table scraps ~

Sure, it’s hard to deny your dog a bite of your dinner while he’s staring at you, head tilted, that pitiful look on his face, acting like he’s dying of hunger. But today’s people meals are filled with processed foods that can wreak havoc on your dog’s digestive system. It’s better to be safe than sorry; just say no.

Green vegetables ~

Say you’re preparing dinner and drop a piece of broccoli on the floor. Rover eagerly scoops it up and swallows. Sure, it’s healthy for him, but keep in mind just about any green vegetable can give him gas, so beware!

Beans ~

Well, they don’t call it the “magical fruit” for nothing!

Dog treats ~

Yep, that’s right… the one thing you rely on most to encourage your dog’s good behavior can give him gas. Treats were not formulated to give to dogs in excess, and too many can give your dog and upset tummy and cause gas.

Can excessive gas indicate illness?


If your dog produces an inordinate amount of gas, you may be well-suited to take him to his veterinarian for a check-up. There is a possibility something more concerning may be behind all his wind, particularly if diarrhea, lack of appetite, and/or vomiting comes into play.




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