The Nose Knows - a dog's strong sense of smell

The Nose Knows – a dog’s strong sense of smell



Why Do Dogs



Have a Strong



Sense of Smell



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Ever wonder why Fido can sniff out that treat lost under the couch?  Dogs have a sense of smell stronger than a human by at least 100,000 times.  They are miracle workers when it comes to “sniffing” out things.  It is truly amazing.  For example, a Bloodhound, one of the most noteworthy sniffing dogs there is, has over 300 million smell receptors!  We humans have a measly 5 million so that should put it into perspective.  Dogs can also smell a human fingerprint that is one week old!  

A large contributing factor to a dog’s strong sense of smell is that their nose is made up of a moist, leathery surface which determines the direction of the air currents.  When they sniff, they are capturing the air directly into their nostrils and the moist surfaces within their noses capture the scent so the dogs’ receptors can decipher them.  It is a rather complex process that is broken down with ease inside of your dog.  Some research shows that the breeds that have long ears, again, Bloodhounds, are added by the length of the ears which whip around the scents making is easier to move toward the nose.

With such a super power it only makes sense to enlist the support of a dog with a variety of tasks.  Some dogs can be trained to detect certain odors such as drugs, mold, humans and even cancer. For example, it has been found that dogs can smell the breath of a human to locate or determine lung and breast cancer.  They have also been known to detect bladder and prostate cancer by simply smelling the urine of a human.  They were found to be accurate 99% of the time with lung cancer, 88% of the time with breast cancer.  Studies show this percentage to be within the same range many of the high tech gadgets used by the medical fields have come up with.

So, remember – your dog really is “the nose for news”, so to speak.  Don’t bother trying to hide his treats are toys, he’ll sniff them out anyway.  This leaves us kind of wondering, are there any toys, treats – human or otherwise that you have to go to great lengths to keep your dog away from due to his fantastic sense of smell?  Let us know.


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