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Does your dog snore? Snoring dogs can contribute to many sleepless nights for their pet parents. This can become quite troublesome for you especially if your dog sleeps in the bed with you. However, you just might want to figure out exactly why your dog is snoring as snoring may be as it could signal that something serious is going on. 

So, what’s going on here?  Why is my dog snoring?

Breed.  There are certain breeds of dogs that are known to snore.  If your dog has a flat nose or face, chances are he snores.  Pugs, French bulldogs and Pekinese dogs snore pretty loud.  In fact, some dogs with flat faces need to get surgery because they struggle to get enough air in.  This condition is  called brachycephalic airway syndrome.  Surgery can eliminate the struggle to breathe as well as the snoring.  Of course, you will want to seriously discuss the pros and cons of any surgery on your dog as all surgeries come with risks.


Just like their human counterparts, dogs can get congested.  If your dog has a bit of a cold or he’s congested for any other reason, he’s mostly likely going to snore.  A quick trip to the vet may provide relief to your pet via the use of a decongestant or antibiotic.  Your canine companion should not have to suffer. 


Think about the scents lurking around your home.  Any irritant of the lungs or airways may case your beloved dog to snore.  Anything from second-hand smoke, household cleansers, detergents, candles and even dust can make it difficult for your dog to breathe.  You may also want to consider the temperature of your dog’s environment.  A cool environment is the best and will keep your dog most comfortable.

Health Issues. 

Dogs may also snore if they are overweight.  Excess weight will put pressure on your dog’s neck and lungs.  If your dog is overweight you should really address it with your vet right away and provide your dog with safe opportunities to exercise. Seasonal allergies can also make it difficult for your dog to breath.  Pollen is a big offender for all of us when it comes to seasonal allergies.  A more serious health issue may be at work here so is snoring and this is out of the ordinary for him, a quick visit to the vet is most certainly in order.

Finding the root cause of your dog’s snoring might just take a little guess and check.  However, if your dog has been a lifelong snorer, you just might be stuck with it forever.  If you are dead set against making him sleep in another room, we understand but then you might want to invest in a set of ear plugs. 





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