Rolling, rolling

Rolling, rolling

Is it for fun or is there a purpose?

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It may seem strange, but rolling around in the grass is about as good as it gets for many dogs. But why exactly do they enjoy it so?




Firstly, dogs are creatures of instinct. And, as we know, they are ancestors of wolves who, coincidentally, enjoy a good roll in the grass as well. When a wolf sniffs out a new, appealing smell, he will roll in it, aiming to cover his entire body with the scent. Upon returning to his pack, the wolf will allow his pack mates to partake in the scent. In many instances, one or more of his pack mates will follow the scent back to the original source for further investigation. In wolves, it is believed “scent rolling” is a method of bringing information back to the pack. Chances are, in some instinctive way, the same holds true for rolling Rover. He wants to bring the scent back to his pack – his human family.


Got an Itch?


What do you do when you have an itch? You scratch it, of course! Easy for us… not so easy for our paw-some pets. Your dog’s desire to roll in the grass may indicate a skin allergy, insect bite, dry skin or perhaps a case of fleas. A good roll offers temporary relief, but give him a good once-over when he’s done to see if his skin looks out of sorts and, if so, have him examined by your vet.


Unwanted Smells Be Gone!


How many times have you given Rover a good, thorough cleaning only to be aggravated when he goes outdoors and rolls in the grass in what you perceive to be an attempt to get dirty again? Well, guess what… it’s not that he’s trying to get dirty; he’s trying to rub off the scents left behind by the shampoos, doggy cologne, sprays, etc. that were applied to him during the torture process he knows as a bath. Think about it – dogs have more than 220 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to the measly 5 million in a human nose. So it’s no wonder then that something we think smells wonderful, may be overwhelming and even bothersome to your dog. If Rover rushes outside to rub off the scents of his bath products, it indicates a scent irritant, meaning it may be time to switch to odorless varieties.


Obsess Much?


Is Rover’s roll in the grass a part of every walk you two take, as if it’s scheduled? This could be a sign of an obsessive compulsive disorder. Yes, pets can have OCD, too! And rolling in the grass might just be Rover’s way of expressing his excitement about certain situations.


So, what’s the final word about rolling? Is it dangerous? Should it be prevented? The bottom line is Rover’s rolling, no matter the reason, is not dangerous in itself. However, the reason for his rolling may require some investigation on your part. And the grass in which he is rolling may have hidden dangers, such as dangerous chemicals, bacteria and parasites. Keep Rover up-to-date on his vaccines and treated for fleas and ticks and, chances are, there is no need for worry.




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