Please don’t look at me, it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Why We No Longer Do Tours

The main reason – the animals.

We stopped doing full tours of our amazing facility with gorgeous marble and glass suites in 2022. 

The only area we can safely show you is the lobby and retail area.

We have many animals (dogs and cats) staying with us.  Pets can be in all areas of the facility.

Our guests’ mental well being and comfort must always come first.

Boarding can be stressful for any pet but our shy and anxious guests need undisturbed quiet without feeling they are on display. They are missing their beloved owners and their own home.

They do not want people walking by and looking at them, especially people they do not know.

Having strangers walk through where the pets are staying creates more stress and anxiety for our guests. We simply can not have that. 

We want our guests as comfortable as possible to enjoy their stay with us.

What about the Daycare…..same for them.  We do have anxious dogs coming to daycare to gain confidence.   Our amazing daycare dogs know our routine, love us, trust us and are not happy with strangers coming around.

When a stranger is seen, dogs become alert, bark and become anxious.  Many of our dogs love us and feel the need to protect us and their friends. This creates the possibility of fights.  We simply must protect our animals from any possibility of harm.

You are able to see photos and watch our Virtual Tour video, both located on our website.

Both are not as good as seeing everything in person and we understand but again, our guests are priority.

You will also see photos of each Suite that you can choose when making a reservation.

You say – But, I want to make sure it is clean…..the best way to ensure cleanliness is smell.  When you walk into a facility, does it SMELL clean.  Does everything you can see look clean?  If it does, then most likely everything is clean.

Again, you mention – But I want to SEE that it is clean where my pet is.  Scheduling a tour does not ensure anything.  When scheduling a tour, before the time you come, things will be washed, put away and made ready for the tour.  To run an efficient clean smelling facility, cleaning is a constant.

Also, another quality to look for is track record of viruses.
Our facility has never had a case of kennel cough, parasites or the fatal k9 virus that every other facility has had.  One big factor in keeping these at bay is cleanliness.

One more thing to look for, reviews.  What are people saying about a facility in Google reviews or on the business Facebook page.  Go to their website and read testimonials.  Long term clients are a good bet the facility takes amazing care of the pets.

Thank you for understanding and putting the animals comfort, health and welfare FIRST. 

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