Wildlife, help for injured or orphaned

What to do and who to call if you find a wild animal in distress.

wild rabbit
First and foremost be CAREFUL.  Rabies is a problem in New Hampshire.  It is also illegal to possess wild animals in the state of New Hampshire.  However, if you need information here are some websites.  Click on highlighted/underlined text to go to the website.
baby squirrel

Wildlife Information

What do you do first if you find a wild animal?  (click here to learn what to do first)

Other general information about, wild rabbits, raccoons, skunks, opossums, rats, birds, etc. 

If the animal is injured Bedford Animal Hospital and Merrimack Animal Hospital have wildlife rehabilitators working there and can help the injured animal immediately.  CALL FIRST, do not just show up at the hospital.

What do you do if you find a baby. (click below for information on specific animals)

    If you are looking for wild life rehabilitators in New Hampshire, be aware that all are required to be licensed by the NH Fish & Game.  However, it is all volunteers.  These volunteers use their own time,  money and vehicles to care for all wildlife.  So be patient for return calls.  Since there are few volunteers to cover the entire state of New Hampshire, these rehabbers become filled to capacity VERY fast.

    Dori (owner of Prof. Pet Sitting Etc.) was a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for NH for over 20 years.

    If you can dedicate time and space to helping the babies, please do.  It is very rewarding and much needed.

    Wildlife rehabilitators are needed in New Hampshire

    • Contact NH Fish & Game at 271-3127 if you wish to become a licensed NH Wildlife Rehabilitator.
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