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As humans, we often justify investing thousands of dollars in our appearance, some even going so far as to enhance or completely change their face and body with plastic surgery. But did you know plastic surgery isn’t reserved only for humans? Did you know pets can benefit from plastic surgery as well? Sure, some pet parents rely on plastic surgery for pure cosmetic purposes, but there are many procedures that can be done to benefit the health of your pet.


You may be surprised to learn that just six years ago in 2010 humans spent an estimated $2.5 million on nose jobs for pets! Some pet parents have gone so far as to get their chubby Chihuahua a tummy tuck and add silicone testicles to neutered Nike. And these days, with the addition of countless other plastic surgeries available to pets, more and more cats and dogs are going under the knife.


Types of Surgeries Available (for Better and for Worse)


Eye Replacement ~

Pet parents now have the option to have eye replacement surgery performed on their pet who may have lost an eye in an accident or birth defect.


Pet Braces ~

You can now correct your dog’s under or over bite with dental braces!


Ear Implants ~

If your pooch once had erect ears that have been damaged or broken, ear implants will help his ears stand at attention once again.


Liposuction ~

Most vets recommend food portion control and exercise for obese pets, but in severe cases liposuction has become more popular than you would think when it comes to helping an overweight pet get back on track.


Eye Lifts and Face Lifts ~

Certain dog breeds, such as Shar-Peis and Pugs, struggle with layers of folded skin. At times, it can impair the dog’s vision, making an eye lift or face lift a viable solution.


Rhinoplasty ~

Commonly known as a nose job, some competitive dog showers will opt for this procedure to correct bumps in their dog’s nose. And it can also benefit dogs who have trouble breathing, like brachycephalic dog breeds such as Pugs and Bulldogs.


Tummy Tuck ~

Some pets that lose a significant amount of weight can benefit from a tummy tuck which will remove the excess skin.


Testicular Implants ~

Yes, there is such a thing. Some pet parents believe neutering their male will have a negative effect on his confidence and have silicone testicles implanted. Believe it or not, as of 2011, $62 million was spent on this procedure alone here in America.


Reading this, many of you have likely chuckled at the thought of a dog having a tummy tuck, or a cat having liposuction, but keep in mind all of the surgeries mentioned above have benefits other than just cosmetic. For many pets, the use of plastic surgery can aid in the animal’s health and well-being, and perhaps even save their life.






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